Is your ‘Lux List’ ready?

Is your ‘Lux List’ ready?

Luggage check. Tickets check. Passport check. Lux List ? Wondering what it is.. Mmm .. Read on to find out more but before proceeding I would like to thank Pratiti Rajpal and Sarah Tauro for introducing me to the concept.

What is it? #MYLUXLIST is an interesting concept by Park Hyatt Resorts & Spa for those with exquisite taste. Park Hyatt folks to add that extra element of luxury should you decide to stay with them.

How does this work? So, they ask you to prepare a log of those things or experiences that define luxury for you. The list should be a combination of some familiar items, as well some unexpected items, but add up to something that feels unique, witty and slightly unexpected. Items that are put under #MYLUXLIST should be thought of as experiences of luxury and not a “to do” list. Just so you know, the items on your luxury list should be real and attainable.

#MYLUXLIST showcases the capability of offering luxuries from simple pleasures to uncommon indulgences, and personalizes the experience.  Each “Luxury List” includes a maximum of 5 items from three categories that include » s o p h i s t i cat e d – includes things that may be more familiar, » e n r i c h i n g – comprises items that are more regionally based and offers an enriching experience and last » u n common – has stuff that are unexpected and more playful that helps to describe you as a guest.

My experience: #MYLUXLIST this time around included: an ultimate relaxing session at the Sereno Spa, a cooking masterclass with the Park Hyatt Chef where I learned to make the Goan prawn curry and a Feni infused cocktail session. Every experience that is offered completely worth it.

Ideas for creating one of your LUX LIST:

  • Feni-infused 100% organic dark chocolate artisanal truffles
  • Sailing along the Arabian Sea on a private yacht
  • Watching the sunset in a private Cabana on Arossim Beach
  • Private Ashtanga yogaclass at sunset on Arossim Beach
  • Sea salt and coconut macaroons
  • Eight – course seafood wine dinner at Palms
  • Gourmet picnic on Butterfly Island
  • Champagne afternoon tea in an old Portuguese mansion
  • Private tour of Wendell Rodricks’designer store
  • Guided tour of Basilica of Bom Jesus church
  • Azulejostile-painting class with a Goan artist / Azulejos tile painting artisanal class
  • Traditional dinner in Casa Sarita’s chef’s home
  • Guided historical walk along the streets of Fontainhas
  • Indian clay body wrap at Sereno Spa
  • Rose oil and saffron massage at Sereno Spa
  • Artisanal local bread-making class
  • In-house spice farm tour with the chef
  • Personal concierge
  • Indigenous massage with cold pressed virgin cashew nut oil at Sereno Spa
  • Private curated tour of heritage churches in Old Goa / Curated architectural tour of old Portuguese churches.
  • Deep sea fishing excursion at twilight.
  • Margaritas and a beach-side hammock

What’s more?  It’s totally worth trying out. So, think about it when you plan your visit to Goa next.


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