5 interesting 'bro –sis' things do this Rakhi!

5 interesting 'bro –sis' things do this Rakhi!

While roads are going to be chaotic, here’s what you can do at home and make the most out of this festival:

  • Make a favourite childhood dish: Go down the memory lane and recall what is it that you all loved eating most during her younger years. Try to make that at home, it could be anything from khichdi to Maggi to kheer. It’s all about relishing your childhood comfort food.

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  • Watch the favourite film/ favourite shows / a collection of songs or even get silly with the rhymes that you have enjoyed as kids. Let that child inside you be happy.


  • Get creative: Write a letter, do a collage or if you are a girl then make a handmade rakhi. It’s simple and unique, trust me emotions are the most valuable thing to have.


  • Gaze through the time: Take out all the old albums and look at the fun moments that you have spent together all these years.

Image : Celebrity Ekta Kapoor with Tushar Kapoor Source: Indian Express

  • Do some charity: Cook some food together and head out to the streets in the evening to feed the ones who really need it. Remember that school pledge “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”, so now its time get to work.

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  • Give it a comic ending: Gift your sibling a collection of  comics that he / she had always loved to read while growing up.


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