5 safety tips for surviving civil unrest

5 safety tips for surviving civil unrest

Get Indoors Right Away : If you remain calm and patient, the opportunity to get indoors should eventually present itself. If you are lucky, you will already be inside a building once the riot starts. Either way, get inside the nearest building, lock the doors and windows if you can, and stay there. Keep away from windows and exterior walls to better protect yourself from thrown bricks, bullets, and other projectiles. Don’t go to places you know are going to be in trouble. If you must be in the area of these events, avoid hotspots. Just listen for the sirens.

Its important to be informed but Dont be a ‘Webakoof’ : This tweet  by Delhi Police is self explanatory. They tweeted: “Please do not fuel or believe any rumours on social media or messaging apps. Do confirm from verified sources and officials channels before sharing.” 

Plan a route out of your home. If the riot is coming near your home, have an established route to bail out when necessary.

If You’re Near a Riot, Blend In : No, that doesn’t mean start breaking windows. It means don’t draw attention to yourself. Not to the rioters. Not to police. Those two groups are already paying attention to each other. You need them looking the other way while you make a quick exit. Remember, the vast majority of people have no interest in being violent. They’ll want to get to safety just as much as you do. Sticking with those people should help you escape. There’s safety in numbers, especially when they’re non-violent.

Things to Avoid : Never join the riot, yell, scream, or incite rioters. In this case safety is not in numbers or solidarity with them. Panic will run rampant, and you can easily be stampeded, beaten, or killed.  If you must go outdoors, stay in shadows, and out of sight.

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