5 things that can spoil your Pondicherry trip

5 things that can spoil your Pondicherry trip

Team Travel Samosa visited Pondicherry / Puducherry and based on first hand experience. Here are some tips to ensure you have a great vacation:

  1. Off – season is definitely not the time to go. The weather is so scorching hot that you will get roasted and wont be able to do much. Weather plays a critical role in your overall Puducherry stay.
  2. Do not take a taxi from an outside vendor when travelling from Chennai to Puducherry. The services of Ola and Uber are not that efficient. So it is absolutely advisable that you take taxi from the vendors inside the airport. They might charge you a little extra but their service is absolutely worth it. The private outside vendors are usually cheats and they also usually don’t have state permits etc. They are pretty capable of ruining your experience.
  3. Enroute from Chennai to Pondicherry and back do not take NH32. Please insist your driver to take the picturesque East coast road which is very beautiful.
  4. Don’t just stay anywhere, make a booking in the French colony. If you don’t get a hotel, then book an Airbnb, but it is absolutely must that you stay this side of the city. The locality is very clean and posh, eating joints are at walking distance. Rest of the city is very much like any other Tier – II town.
  5. Taking taxi can be an unnecessary expense – Don’t take a taxi everywhere. In Pondicherry everything is at a walking distance. Do not bother much with paying for a taxi everytime. You can take an auto or even take a bicycle or a two wheeler on rent.
  6. Don’t eat anywhere in name of being called a French cuisine – Almost every eatery in Puducherry claims to be serving an authentic French cuisine especially in the French colony area. Some even use the translated version of “Jeera rice” as “Ri de cumin”, so dont be mistaken. It is important do some research, or you can also see the list we have curated for your here.

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