7 things to do before you hit NH8 gurgaon traffic jam

7 things to do before you hit NH8 gurgaon traffic jam

  • Ensure that you have sufficient fuel and tyres are well inflated. It may be challenging to deal with a fuel crisis when on road;

  • Battery backup: Make sure that all your electronic equipment are fully charged, and so are your power banks
  • Stock some food and water: It’s super important to have food and water by your side. I know that you are aware about it but this is just a reminder. Some biscuits, some chips and some water is much needed.

  • Fill up the first aid: Make sure that your first aid kit has everything that may be required in emergency;
  • Pick up some reading material : It may be worthwhile to give things a read even newspaper and magazines could be great. Try if you can get something in your mother tongue, it can be more relaxing.

  • Your motor essentials such as Stepney, tool kit and even google map are well in place;

  • Extra clothes, extra shoes and a few toiletries: Make sure that you a extra pair of shoes, clothes and even toothbrush etc. in your car just as a prep;


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