5 tips for a valuable travel plan

5 tips for a valuable travel plan

If you travel smart within a reasonable budget doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing the quality of your trip. Here are some best practices that will help you to think a little differently when you are planning your forthcoming long weekend getaway:

Destination: We usually get over enthusiastic when we look at the long weekends in the calendar. The very next thought that comes to your mind is a hill station in the north or a destination such as Goa, simply because they promise a great escape. Well, think again. Traffic jams, maddening crowd at every beautiful spot and everything expensive. I would ditch the regular places and head out for some off beat destinations. Consider places such as Bhubaneshwar, Hampi, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, Pushkar, Nawalgarh etc. This is a great time to experience these destinations that are otherwise flooded with hordes of tourists.

Airfare / Travel deals: Don’t forget there’s a big pool of mobile apps where the service providers are all out to lure with their exclusive deals. So get on to your smart phone, browse through the mobile apps for the best travel deals. If you are a smart travellers then you mind spending sometime on researching the good discounts but if you don’t have that patience then just google the offers on your desktop, compare them and make the final booking on the app.

Hotels: Every hotel offers heavy discounts during the off season, including the four and five star properties. Infact, there are some players who also usually introduce some special packages which can actually be quite nice. After all, the market is competitive and each of them wants to attract most of the tourists. Take advantage of the situation and divide your duration of stay in different hotels. Pick out two or three hotels, avail the discounts each of them offers and save thousands of bucks. Also, this will give you a refreshing change — different days, different stays, different experiences. What’s more – this is also an opportunity for you to showcase your diverse experience on social media, and infact if you like writing reviews of your experiences then let us know.

Dining: If you manage to include at least one meal a day in your hotel deal, eat the other ones outside. These days the culture of food festivals and food events is quite popular. Before heading out just check which events are taking place around that time window. Alternatively, if you a street food lover and if you don’t mind eating at the local shops then eat at the food offered in the Non-AC dhabas. You will get to experience the authentic flavours of the region and at the same time, end up saving a lot of money.

Sight-seeing/ Things to do: You could plan to do some free things in the place where you are off to, such as : a self-created walking tour, sightseeing, book reading, explore the local market, trying out local cuisines or may be you could check with the hotel if you can join the chef to learn some new dish or you could pack some indoor games with you.

Shopping: Practice your bargaining skills as you can go out to explore the street markets, and you’ll return with more interesting souvenirs (and colorful stories) than the tourists who stuck to the overpriced malls. If you research local prices at home and then go out in the market to explore then you for sure can return with a valuable treasure for far less.

Should you need any assistance with planning your vacation, please feel free to reach out to us.  At Travel Samosa we also do customized itineraries.

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