6 new reasons to visit Hong Kong

6 new reasons to visit Hong Kong

Prepared your things to do list? but if you want to sound different from what people usually talk about Hong Kong then here’s the most updated things that will make people go “Really, show me a picture”:

  • Gucci paper replicas for the ones that are no more: On Java Road in Hong Kong, a new pair of brown leather Gucci loafers, lovingly wrapped in cellophane, hangs from a storefront — the deal of a lifetime at less than $3. Well, the twist is ‘just not this lifetime’. These are paper replicas of Gucci handbags and shoes that grandmother may have cooed over when she was among the living now appear to be out of her ethereal reach. These replicas, meant to be burned as offerings to relatives who have died — a modern twist on an old Chinese custom. At specialty shops across this city, the bereaved can choose from an impressive array of goods to send to their departed loved ones, including Italian sports cars, smartphones, six-packs of beer, cigarettes, dress shirts and sport jackets.

Image: Shanghai daily

  • Cheaper prices of Disneyland : To lure more visitors, the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel has cut down its prices significantly. Visit the website to know more:

Image: lajolamom

  • KFC’s edible nail paint : KFC in Hong Kong is marketing edible nail polish that tastes like — wait for it — chicken. Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick — again and again and again to taste why the world’s favourite chicken is Finger Lickin’ Good. The product comes in three flavors — original, hot and spicy — based on KFC’s chicken recipe.


  • See Hong Kong from the highest bar in world – A drink amidst the clouds, illuminated in deep blue its feels like an extension of the night sky OZONE, a Hong Kong sky bar and lounge its one of the must do things in Hong Kong.  Remember this place is usually full and requires advanced reservations. So you can send them an email at hk@ritzcarlton.com

    Image courtesy : Andy Yeung for CNN


  • Shop at the world’s second best luxury shopping destination: As per the 2016 report released by JLL, Hong Kong has been named as the world’s best luxury shopping destination after London.
Luxury shopping

Image: Shutterstock


  • Sharp island – The first-time visit to Hong Kong leaves you surprised with its charm, but there’s more that you can do. Take a short boat ride to experience some of the cleanest and clearest water in all of Hong Kong. Sharp Island, otherwise known as Kiu Tsui Chau, is a from the popular tourist destination and fishing port of Sai Kung. It’s also an ideal snorkeling destination, while the nearby island of Kiu Tau can also be reached at low tide across a natural spit of land.

Image : Cattanblog

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