12 must eats in Ladakh

12 must eats in Ladakh

The Ladakhi cuisine has some amazing food items that will leave you craving for more and definitely another reason for you to come back:

  • Rajma Chawal: Surprised?  I know we think that Rajma Chawal and Butter Chicken is copyright of Punjabis, but the answer is no. Villagers in Ladakh grow Rajma and what they offer at the local restaurants is actually home grown, unpolished and cooked naturally. So believe you me, when in Ladakh must have Rajma Chawal

Image: ScrumptiousIndianrecipes

  • Thupka originated in Tibet but was improvised in Ladakh, and even if you have ever heard of Ladakh trip then people for sure would have expressed their love for Ladakhi Thupka.

  • Momos : The love for Thupka is directly proportional to the love for momos. They have some awesome ones in Ladakh and Yak cheese momos are must have on the list


  • Chhupri(Yak milk cheese): When in Ladakh,  eat as the Ladakhis do. Don’t apply your brain too much, don’t let any apprehensions cross your mind , just go for the cheese made of Yak milk. Locals only know word “Chhupri” and not Yak cheese. It’s available in three flavours: Sweet, salty and plain
Yak Cheese Preparation in Zanskar in Ladakh

Image: Flickr

  • Tigmo(G is silent so its Timo): Another Tib – Lak delicacy, its kind of fermented and steamed bread served with a stew.

Image: ny.eater


  • Butter tea: You would have to request a local to get you that as restaurants don’t serve it. It’s pink and salty as it prevents from dryness and altitude sickness.

Local brew ‘Chang’ in Ladakh

  • Qahwa and Kulcha: Qahwa is the same as we get in Kashmir but Kulcha is pretty different. It’s a hard bun that’s had with Qahwa.

Image: dialkashmir

  • Skyu:A traditional dish of Ladakh, this food preparation is made of kneaded thumb sized wheat flour dough. Cooked mainly with water, it is served with meat or vegetables.

Image: Peaceeats

  • Khambir:It’s a traditional bread mostly with the butter tea and best enjoyed with the fresh apricot jam that is locally available;

Image: Holidify

  • Tsampa’ noodle soup made of barley to keep you warm

Image: Patagonia

  • Cashew chicken: Its one of the most talked about dishes of Ladakh served at the Bon Appetit restaurant in Ladakh

Image: Saveur

  • Thai curry: Yes, surprise , surprise! Thai curry in Ladakh served as Chopsticks restaurant is also definitely worth trying .

Image: wanderlust kitchen

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