9 state foods that yet to be served by restaurants in Delhi

9 state foods that yet to be served by restaurants in Delhi



  • What is it? Multi-grain pancake prepared from a special flour made from roasted tapioca(sabudana), Rajgira (Amaranth), coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat, and rice.
  • Which state? Maharashtra

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Solkadhi :

  • What is it? – a drink made from coconut milk and kokum Garcinia indica
  • Which state? Maharashtra

Kolhapuri Pandhara Rassa

  • What is it? Chicken/Mutton Broth with Coconut Milk and Spices
  • Which state? Maharashtra

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  • What is it? Prepared using rice and colocasia leaves, usually steamed
  • Which state?  Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra

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Kotte kadbubu

  • What is it? Idlis in jackfruit leaves
  • Which state?  Karnataka


Bahor Sungar Doi

  • What is it? Curd in bamboo tube. Milk is fermented by keeping it in bamboo tubes covered with banana leaves in room temperature for 2 days to get Bahor Sungar Doi.
  • Which state?  Assam
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  • What is it? There are varieties of different rice served with with jaggery and curd. Typically, cooked sticky rice (bora saul), uncooked but soaked sweet rice(kumol saul), sira (flattened rice), moori (puffed rice), koni dhan (boiled millet), cooked semolina etc. are used as the base ingredient. This savoury dish is customizable with banana, jack fruit, sweet boondi, gulab jamun and rasgulla
  • Which state?  Assam

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Bhut Jolokiyar Achar:

  • What is it? Bhut jolokiya is ghost chilly which has its own tag as the hottest chilly in the world. We love the hot pickle made from it.
  • Which state?  Assam

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  • What is it? It is pea curry. No vegetables added. It is often gravyish. Sometimes Besan is added to thicken the gravy. Often eaten with Bara, Itili (Idli), Singada (Samosa) and all those fried fast foods, Pithas (pan cakes) too. Only Ghuguni is eaten with some extra seo (aloo bhujia), minced raw onion, chingudi gunda (shrimp crumbs).
  • Which state ? Odisha
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