A whole lotta shaking: An afternoon dedicated to the art of mixology

A whole lotta shaking: An afternoon dedicated to the art of mixology

“Wow! It looks beautiful, and it tastes equally nice”, one of the fellow participant remarked as she sipped the Negroni. Though most of us knew our cocktails way beyond pina coladas and the mojitos– stillwe all were having a great time at the masterclass of cocktail making.

Set over an afternoon in the Long Bar at the Hyatt Regency in Gurgaon, the hotel had invited bloggers and travel writers for a cocktail master class. The session began with a piece of theatre narrative: the history of cocktails. As the class progressed, the key mixologist along with the bartenders sailed us through the journey of classical and modern cocktails.

Claimed to fame by the hotel for being the longest bar in the city, Long bar possessed a 60ft horizontal counter. A dramatic glass floor entry led to the state of art seating area;it had big glass windows and tastefully done decor in the tones of dark grey, off white and brown.

The Long Bar

We learnt the innovative saga of crafting the ultimate multi-sensory experience with few popular cocktails such as the Legacy, Manhattan, Margarita, Negroni and Firefly.

I liked the custom-madeexpertly concocted drinks at the Long Bar.


The Magarita had those perfect grassy and mildly pepperynotes, and the lime wheel gave it a citrus flavour; which enhanced the aromatic side of tequila.


When it comes to Manhattan, I feel that it could be technically different than one another. The Manhattan at the Long Bar had the rich, sweet whiskey velvety mouthfee. It was smooth and had no bite or a bad after taste.


ANegroni is a Negroni. Its an acquired taste and I completely love it. However as Joaquin Simo of New York Bar Death & Company said, “The negroni is a great litmus test of an unfamiliar bar and bartender”. I would say the Long Bar passed the test. It was well balanced. The aromatic sweetness and the sophisticated depth of gin made Negroni the star of the day

Firefly 2

It was one of the “go to” refreshing drinks with perfect sweetness with a reasonable taste of vodka. Since I am not a vodka fan so I don’t think I should be able to a justice but on the taste of it, Firefly was good.

Overall, it was interesting to learnthe theory behind cocktail making while having so much fun.

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