About Us

Travel Samosa:

Travel Samosa is the trending global guide of local discoveries. Our mission is to provide you with recommendations about anything and everything that can amaze you about a particular place or a region. Right from places to eat, places to stay, events, activities, things to do, travel tips, best picks, gadgets, lifestyle, traveling around – both in India and beyond. Best of experiences, just a click away!

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Smriti, and DELHI is in my DNA – born here, living here and working here. I am an English Literature Graduate, a post Graduate in Mass Communications, have studied at IIM Kolkata and I love to travel.

How did this all start?

Not so long ago, in mid-2013,  Trip Advisor reviewer ratings surprised me. They ranked me amongst the top 2% most read people in Delhi. Isn’t awesome? By the way, I continue to have the same rankings year on year. Since then, I’ve been trying to share with you whatever I feel is nothing less than extraordinary to experience.

Is that all I do? No, there’s more. I am a public speaker, a communications expert and a writer. I am a self appointed ambassador of Diversity and Inclusion, and I love my country, and always have a great story about India to share.

How can Travel Samosa be of use to your brand?

 You could list your business, invite us for a review or a familiarization tour, place an ad, run special campaigns, curate customised events, organise competitions, travelwriting, special stories and we can also provide you content. For details click here.Advertise With Us