Virtual tour – Bharatpur bird sanctuary

Virtual tour – Bharatpur bird sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (the Keoladeo National Park) through the lenses of Madhurima and Arkoo Bose. Just so you know, this place was declared as a protected sanctuary in 1971, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

In case these pictures make you think that you should pay a visit, then click here for more details.

  1. Totally camouflaged – Collared Scops Owl

Collared Scops Owl..

2. The mighty – kingfisher

The mighty Kingfisher

3.The Egyptian National Bird – White Ibis

The Egyptian National Bird..White Ibis

4. Gearing up for a couple dance – Indian Saras Crane 

Indian Saras Crane

5. Those lazy bums – Turtles


6. On a look out – the clever fox


7. On for brunch – the beautiful deer


8. Alert – Hedgehog 



Want to go and explore, check out more information here.

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