Canadian delights for Delhiites

Canadian delights for Delhiites

I have known Anna and David Hambly from the time they had a small pocket-sized kitchen. With their increasing popularity they grew to a big operation in Okhla and later opened a fabulous outlet in GK (Greater Kailash) market. This Canadian couple arrived from Victoria (Canada) and made New Delhi their home. Soon after Travel Samosa was launched, I decided to visit Redmoon Bakery in a food critic avatar.

But before I tell you my experience, here’s a quick snapshot for you:
Review report card: Ratings – on a scale of 1 to 10 (10- highest, 1 – lowest)

Food & drinks4/10
Décor & ambience8/10

 One afternoon, after our shopping spree, Jas and I decided to visit their GK- II outlet. Located right in front of the M-Block Market entrance, the Redmoon Bakery seemed quite welcoming for a delightful treat. We were received by a warm smile. After being seated, we glanced through the menu, and were pleasantly surprised to look at the variety. Both of us looked at each other and wondered “Wow!! They have so many options don’t know what not to eat?” Everything looked tempting.


They had: Cakes, cupcakes, pastries, bagels, tea time cakes, cookies, breakfast stuff, pies and so much more listed. Almost three times variety than their size.  Finally after much discussion, we decided to try out the authentic Canadian delicacy ‘Nanaimo bar’, in addition to a red velvet cup cake, a slice of lemon pound cake and chicken cheddar quiche.

Nanaimo bar was heavenly. They had that perfect crumb base which followed a layer of light custard buttercream. The crowning glory was smooth and glossy. It had semi-sweet chocolate. The Nanaimo bar that I had here was little less sweet than the ones I’ve had in Canada. So, Anna told me that the sweetness has been adapted to the taste of an Indian palette. But having all that said it was simply awesome.Red velvet cupcake and lemon pound slice were fresh, fluffy and moist. They were delicious and had a wonderful after taste as well. The quiche was nice and smooth.

Overall, we liked whatever we had. Redmoon Bakery has been one place where I had never been disappointed. The other stuff that I have tried besides this review and I absolutely loved is their fresh fruit cake, apple cinnamon cake, the chocolate ginger cookies and the sticky bun pan.

Compressed store front 2

Redmoon Bakery in GK

Anna and David

Anna and David Hambly

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