Hong Kong

6 new reasons to visit Hong Kong

Prepared your things to do list? but if you want to sound different from what people usually talk about Hong Kong then here’s the most updated things that will make people go “Really, show me a picture”: Gucci paper replicas for the ones that are no more: On Java Road in Hong Kong, a new pair of brown leather Gucci loafers, lovingly wrapped in cellophane, hangs from a storefront — the deal of a lifetime at less than $3. Well, [...]


High on Hong Kong

So my last trip to Seychelles was like an episode from "The Discovery Channel". My friend and I walked a lot, picked up "Merci" and "Bonjour" and saw the unpolished yet the most beautiful part of Africa. And then we decided to go "Metro". That is how Hong Kong happened. Our flight was from Mumbai - New Delhi - Hong Kong. We took the flight I dreaded the most - Air India. True to my fears, the flight from Mumbai [...]