Chai-shai and gupshup @ Chaayos

Chai-shai and gupshup @ Chaayos

A Radio ad of Chaayos intrigued my curious mind “what would it be like to visit a tea house in Gurgaon?” Soon after which Raghav Verma and Nikhita Kapur invited me to ‘Chaayos’ in Gurgaon.

On a rainy evening, Monali and I decided to go for a special tea and light snacks to Galleria market outlet. All thanks to my Gujju tea expert Monali Naik, I’ve developed a special connection to tea.


It was around 7:30 PM when we reached the busy Chaayos on the ground floor of the market complex.  “Ma’am the restaurant is full at the moment. You will have to wait for 15 minutes”, one of the staff member replied in a sweet and apologetic tone.

Luckily we had to wait for five minutes and then we were directed to a seating place. For a seating capacity of thirty people place is quite creatively done. The interiors of Chaayos Galleria looks like an upmarket version of college tea canteen.


The place displays a smart of use of space and décor ideas such as:  suspended tea glass lights, kitchen in the air, the sack cushioned seating arrangements, the cool Ganesha wallpaper, the chai facts and posters that made a declaration; about the ability of Chaayos to customize tea in over 12,000 different ways etc.. Impressive!


For a person like me my evening tea is an absolute relaxation therapy. However, may be the small capacity of this outlet and also being the peak time for them; Chaayos was bit cramped and very noisy. We were kind of sharing our space with people sitting around us. To give you an idea, it was somewhat like Saravana Bhawan that you visit during their busy lunch hours and they ask you to sit on those two people table.

However, without losing our enthusiasm and by being attended by such courteous staff we glanced through the tea varieties that were offered along with food options.

Keema Pav

Aam papad chai

I surrendered to Monali’s tea instinct as we ordered: Hari Mirch Chai, Aam Papad chai, bun bhujia, keema pav and butter chicken wrap. Mind you, we were not that hungry ;)… Ha ha ha!

Despite being busy it didn’t take them too long to get our order. So, full marks to service and staff. On the chai side, we were quite happy: the hari mirch chai was well prepared; the aam papad chai was mind blowing.

On the food side: The presentation of food definitely needs immediate attention. The food didn’t look tempting at all. However, Chicken wrap was awesome; whereas we found the bun bhujia and keema pav were average. So, overall the experience was fine at the Gurgaon outlet but definitely could have been better.

 TS says The place is good for tea which of course is their USP but on the food side there is still scope for being better.
Where·         Haus Khas Village: 26, 1st Floor

·         Punjabi Bagh Club Road: 18, NWA Club Road,New Delhi

·         SDA Market: C-14, Opposite IIT Delhi Main Gate, New Delhi

·         Galleria Market: SG-006, Ground Floor, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

What to drink and  eatAam papad chai and chicken wrap for sure. Rest the menu is open to be explored.
What elseOne thing which I feel needs immediate attention is presentation of food. Even if you are working on a tea stall inspired theme but the food should look tempting.
Would I go again?The menu also lists Thandi Chai. If you have visited Malaysia then I would say it’s somewhat a version of Teh Tarik. So would go someday to try that out. However, I will in future avoid their peak hours.
TS ratingsFor tea : 4 /5, for food: 3/5

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