Cultural extravaganza @the 9th Delhi International Arts Festival 2015

Cultural extravaganza @the 9th Delhi International Arts Festival 2015

What’s this ?
The Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF) is one of the most happening international cultural festivals in the city. Slated to take place from 16 October to 1 November 2015, it’s the ninth edition of this annual show.


What’s special this year ?
Here is a quick list of ‘must go’ facts:

  • captivating cross-cultural fusion between the Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra and the Bamboo Symphony from Kerala;
  • a mix of Arabic and Hebrew music by Soof Band from Israel, and whirling dervishes from Egypt;
  • an opera from Sichuan, martial arts and Chinese drums from Taiwan;
  • the Samatra and Legong dances from Indonesia; and so much more.

In addition, there is a big list of performances depending what appeals you more. Such as there is a band from Singapore at the Look East segment. The Look West section includes the famous bands from USA, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, and Turkey, flamenco music from Spain, salsa from Mexico, contemporary dance theatre from Portugal and France, and tap dance from the United Kingdom.

For a detailed schedule visit :


What’s more?
On the sidelines of the Delhi International Arts Festival, the Africa Summit will also take place. The DIAF organisers have put together an interesting line-up of some outreach programmes at Nehru Park in the Chankyapuri area. Also catch more of India, Pakistan and all our cultural centres at the magic that will be DIAF this year.

By the way, entry is free and its open to public.

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