Day out @Select City walk

Day out @Select City walk

Sounds like a plan, here’s how you can execute one! Forget heat, sun tans, scorching and sunny outdoor markets, just scroll to your gang on watsapp and tell them to see you at ‘Select’, right at the time when the mall opens. Here’s a ‘do- it – yourself’ itinerary:

  • There isn’t a better way to start your day with that perfect cup of coffee. Head to Starbucks or your very own Coffee bean & tea leaf (CBTL), order for your favorite brew with a tea cake or croissants by the side. With every sip of your coffee activate your ‘Diva’ mode, chat about fashion tips featured in the latest issue of vogue, gossip about celebrities wearing those dresses on TV or may be those shoes that you saw other day in HT City. List all those things that you wish to buy today. Planning your retail therapy could be as refreshing as yoga at times ;

  • While you were busy thinking the kind of fashionable things that inspired you, the brands were gearing up to take you a step closer. Take a stroll to see what all you want to buy. Make a quicker decision than you usually do because make sure that you shop before the rush hour;

Shopping at select city walk

  • A perfect meal is best enjoyed after hardwork and hunger. So, you all have done a lot of hardwork and you all are hungry as well. Walk up to a restaurant of your choice –Italian, Indian, Chinese or if there’s too much diversity in the group then you could even head to the food court.

Image: bakehousestudios

  • Feeling better? Hopefully yes. By this time almost half of your day is over. How about getting a fresh look for rest of the evening? Hop on to the makeover wagon. Go to any of the makeup outlets and take a trial on the cosmetics. Every store has product experts who will do this happily for you. If you like any of their products then you can buy them as well;


  • Wow! You look fab. But wait a minute, do you look the same from top to toe. May be?  or you may want to look at your feet to see if they need some rest or pampering. If the answer is yes, then head for a pedicure and relaxation therapy;

Image: Fairyday

  • Awesome, you girls look wonderful. Well, how about the pouts and some selfies. Click a picture in front of the artistic montages in the mall. Post them on Insta, FB, Snap Chat etc. and the world envy your gang.

Image: justgraduating

  • Shopping done. Makeover done. Styling done. Selfies done.What else now? A great dinner followed by great desserts and a movie at the PVR.

Image – Gizmodo

Now,head home with a happy mind and great memories. Hope you all had a great day!


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