Don't call yourself a Delhiite, if you have never ever ***

Don't call yourself a Delhiite, if you have never ever ***

Having an address in Delhi is not enough to prove that you are Delhiite. Though there is a long list of things that Delhhites associate themselves to, but here’s a quick list of top 13 things that qualify you to be one. So, if you have never ever done any of the following things then you fail the True Delhiite test:

  • Tapped your feet on a Honey Singh Song

  • Called a traffic police guy “Thulla”

  • Told the ticket collector in a DTC bus “Staff hai”

  • Called a T junction “Takkar”


  • Gone for shopping for a branded outfit to Sarojini, Palika or Janpath


  • Attended a music concert or cricket match for free by using some jugaad
  • Made an entry in one of the fanciest discotheques without paying cover charges


  • Called East Delhi as ‘Jamuna Paar’

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  • Got on to the wrong street or lost your way because you opted not to ask around and you didn’t even have a GPS


  • Done a Car-o-bar and ‘Car – Khana’


  • Had a fruit beer at Delhi Haat, and otherwise you drink only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings


  • As a kid you have always looked forward to the money and gifts that you get during Kanjak
  • Had a family picnic at India Gate

    Image: New Indian Express

The list is endless and this is just the beginning, so stayed tunes for many more fun reads.


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