Go Gurgaon

Go Gurgaon

For some it’s a millennium city, for some it’s a concrete jungle, for me Gurgaon is one city with which either you can absolutely fall in love with or you can have an opinion otherwise. It’s difficult to have a mixed reaction to it. From native villagers to migrated professionals, this place has a unique cultural mix. Known to be a destination for business travellers Gurgaon is becoming the ‘new cool’ of Delhi NCR.

Having lived Gurgaon for three years now, I have collated a small guide on things to do if you are in this part of the world:

Getting here: The most convenient, efficient and economical way to reach Gurgaon is via Metro. The Delhi metro is the smooth and traffic free solution that connects Gurgaon – Delhi – Noida. The frequency of the metro is really good, you can board train in every 2 minutes.

If you don’t choose metro then you can reach Gurgaon via taxi. Also, if you are visiting from places such as places like Jaipur, Agra, Mathura etc. via train then you can also get down at Gurgaon railway station.

If you are flying in to Delhi and your final destination is Gurgaon, then you are just mid-way. To hit Gurgaon border (i.e. the earlier toll plaza) you will take 30 minutes approximately.

Once you are in Gurgaon, you will see urban infrastructure with high rise buildings, broad roads, modern amenities, big corporate offices, numerous hotels and restaurants but before you get mesmerised by the charm, let me warn you ofbad traffic and yellow number plate taxis as people here hardly follow traffic rules.


Staying here: Since Gurgaon is experiencing rapid urbanisation, this place offers a big variety of options to choose from. Right from luxury hotels to boutique hotels, to budget hotels, to resorts, to holiday homes and guest houses, you can choose whatever fits your wallet.

Eating here: It is impossible to fall short of eating options in Gurgaon. It’s got every cuisine you can think of. From small food stalls to smart shopping complexes, from food courts to fine dining restaurants and even deliveries at your door step, you can get it all. All you need is just shortlist the cuisine and you can have multiple options depending on your preference, whether you want to visit or get the food at your doorstep. The hottest selling place is CyberHub these days with approximately 31 brands operating here. In addition you can find eating joints at places like Supermart II, Galleria market, Baanisquare  and several other places which are not more than 5 minutes’ drive.


Partying here: From laptops to juke box, Gurgaon undergoes a complete make-over when people here get together for dialogue over drinks. There are numerous bars (and cafes) that serve a several varieties of beer, good music and an ambience of your choice.  Manhattan, Howzatt, Striker Pub & Brewery, 7 Degrees Brauhaus, Downtown, Vapor and Soi 7 are just some of the options. The grub is as good as the beer.


Sight-seeing & activities: To do something beyond ‘business as usual’, you will be pleasantly surprised by interesting things that Gurgaon has to offer. You can:

  • Visit amusementparks such as: Fun N Food Village, the Paintball Co., Wet ‘N’ Wild, AapnoGhar and Oysters AppuGhar.
  • Experience the grandeur of Bollywood at Kingdom of Dreams
  • Catch a play, dance or musical performance at Epicentre. You can even relish some good food at the Drift restaurant in the same vicinity.
  • Get up and participate in India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative that began in Gurgaon in 2013. You will find people out on Gurgaon’s streets – jogging, walking, cycling or doing some form of physical activity from 5.30am. It’s a pleasant experience for the kids as well.
  • Golfing at ITC Classic Golf Resort
  • Shopping at the malls like Ambience, Sahara, DT City Center, Mega Mall, Metropolitan, Gurgaon Central, South Point, Raheja , Star Mall and many more. In addition you can also indulge in indoor things like Ice Skating ,bowling etc.
  • Get a date with nature at Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park and you can also explore the organic farmer’s marketat Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park in Sector 29.


Around Gurgaon: If you have time, then you can visit places like Jaipur, Agra, Mathura, Alwar etc. which are easily accessible from Gurgaon. You can also choose to stay at a resort for a small getaway in Faridabad or Manesar.

The city with the third highest per capita income in India is definitely got more than you could imagine.

Please note:

  • Don’t go out late at night by yourself.
  • Always take a Radio taxi or a hotel cab.
  • The autos (tuk tuks) in Gurgaon don’t run by metre so negotiate the price in advance.
  • As there’s lot of construction going on in Gurgaon so the atmosphere always has dust. So if you have a dust allergy, be better prepared.

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