High on Hong Kong

High on Hong Kong

So my last trip to Seychelles was like an episode from “The Discovery Channel”. My friend and I walked a lot, picked up “Merci” and “Bonjour” and saw the unpolished yet the most beautiful part of Africa. And then we decided to go “Metro”. That is how Hong Kong happened.

Our flight was from Mumbai – New Delhi – Hong Kong. We took the flight I dreaded the most – Air India. True to my fears, the flight from Mumbai was delayed due to which we literally ran through the massive New Delhi airport. It is a 5 hour long flight from Delhi and by the time we reached Hong Kong we longed for a neck and a back massage.

Little advice: Please let that extra 2k-4k go and book a better flight.

We checked into a hotel called Hotel Regal Oriental at Kowloon city. It is your average 3 star hotel but it has a good breakfast spread.We had managed to pick up couple of maps and guides for Hong Kong city and they proved extremely helpful to us. Hong Kong is very well connected with metros which operate till 11:30pm.

We visited the Hong Kong National Park, the Peak, the Avenue of Stars, the Skywalk and Madam Tussads museum. But the activity which made us dance on our heels (literally) was shopping. From our hotel we hopped onto a little Red bus for MongKok which housed the famous “Ladies Market”


Please note: MongKok and MongKok (East) are two different destinations. Please catch the bus for MongKok for Ladies Market.

There are two sets of buses which ply in Hong Kong:

1) A double decker covers longer distances and covers many routes. The buses have numbers and further information can be found in the bus stands.

2) A red bus has the destinations written upfront and mainly has a single route. There are no bus numbers on these buses.

The Ladies Market is a paradise for all those who can bargain. Items displayed at 500 HKD (Hong Kong dollars) can be purchased for as low as 150-200 HKD if you know the art!

Later that evening we visited LanKwai Fong popularly known as LKF. This is the place where everyone partayss! The party starts at 11:30 pm and goes on till wee hours of the morning. You can either reserve tables at the Hard Rock cafe or the extravagant Italian pubs or start your own sweet little party on the road. There is an awesome hangout called Ebenezaars which serve delicious Shawarma rolls, curries and rice with different types of meat (except pork) and veggie items. Believe me, your tase buds will start craving for Indian food after a couple of them Hong Kong delicacies.


No trip to Hong Kong is complete without Disneyland! We had booked a room in Disneyland Hollywood hotel. After handing over our luggage with the concierge, we headed out to Disneyland Theme park where we spent the entire day giggling and playing with the kids like the kids. From carousels to a trip to the Frozen village to a wooden train chugging away, this place is not just for the kids.

P.S: All the check-ins happen after 2pm but check outs are 12 noon standard. So please come prepared.

Disneyland is a full day affair so please wear comfortable shoes.

After having the most magical times of our life, we headed back to Disneyland Hollywood hotel where Mickey and Minnie awaited us. The child in us woke up and the adults in us became rejuvenated. Thank you Disneyland!

–Minerva Devi, Assam

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