Khajuraho – the town of dancing temples

Khajuraho – the town of dancing temples

If you have never been to Khajuraho but seen those pictures of amorous lovers, you might have some very romantic expectations. But the little dusty town in Madhya Pradesh quickly brings you down to terra firma.

We reached Khajuraho early morning by a direct overnight train from Delhi. The first impression during our long ride from the railway station to the hotel on the Airport Road was one of serene atmosphere and an unhurried pace of life. We decided to save the jewels of the temple – the Western group for the next day and hit the road to explore the lesser known temples first.Lakshmana_Temple_24

The good thing about the town is that you can explore the entire town on a bicycle or a bike or even an auto-rickshaw. The lesser known isolated temples have to be reached through some really narrow and rugged paths. But once you cross those, what splendour awaits you!

The Brahma temple or the Duladeo temple have exquisitely carved walls adorned with myriad sculptures. Every one of them is a piece of art and when flooded with so many intricate images, the eyes cannot decide what to admire.

In the evening, we watched the marvellous sound and light show at the western group of temples and imbibed the history and legends attached to these famous temples. The next day, we began our tour with the Eastern group of temples, which are attributed to Jain tirthankars. They too have some excellent sculptures.

It was around three in the afternoon that we finally entered the lush green precincts of the western group pf temples. In the slanting rays of the evening sun, the gigantic temples shone in their golden splendour. The Laxmana temple, the Kandaria Mahadev temple, the Jagadamba temple all outdid each other in the spectacular sculptures. It is not just love but an entire lifestyle that comes alive on the walls of these temples. The walls almost seem to dance to the tune of celebration of life.

Khajuraho urges us to celebrate life, to embrace all its pleasures and be happy. It is a must visit destination for all travellers.

Experience shared by Archana Mirajkar, India.

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