Kingdom of Dreams recreates ‘Magic’! This time literally with Tejas!

Kingdom of Dreams recreates ‘Magic’! This time literally with Tejas!

The show opened. An empty revolving chair rose to a height and then a cloud of dry ice was all over it. Visions block for merely three seconds and then suddenly out of nowhere emerged a smartly dressed young man. He was sitting in pink coat and black trousers. He was none other than Tejas – India’s magic man. His entry was quite dramatic or rather would say very KOD style.


“BEHOLD”, that’s what they are calling it. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the invitation. Yes, it was about magic but so what? I kept thinking while I was driving for a media preview organised last week at the Kingdom of Dreams (KOD) in Gurgaon. Known for its spectacular live theater  performances, the Bollywood feel and being India’s first live entertainment place; KOD yet again left me spell bound.

After successful shows like Zangoora and Jhumroo, ‘Behold’ by Tejas for me was definitely a leap above regular.

First let me quickly tell you who Tejas is and what’s the big fuss all about.  A two times National Award winner in magic, Tejas has become a new buzz word among Indian illusionists. Known for his unique style and presentation with ease; he for sure was a complete entertainer.

It was a 75 minutes show at the ShowShaa Theatre with several WOW!! moments in it. The action was both fast-paced and relaxed depending on whether it was Tejas doing it or if it was an audience engagement. The acts had infusion of Bollywood numbers and soft music — no act on stage was for more than five minutes at a time and totally appealing.
The Goga act with audience.32


The acts that he performed had a mix of mind reading, illusions and magic.In one of his gigs he even performed on a romantic Bollywood song with a woman. She came alive out of a picture and by the end of the song she was back in the frame. But let me tell you he danced pretty well. His moon walk, expressions, style were no less than that of a Bollywood star.I won’t elaborate more of the gigs he did, as I don’t want to kill the flavour and excitement beforehand.




It was very interesting to see how this niche art form was translated so seamlessly into the show which was a complete entertainment. I would say, it’s the first of its kind done yet again by KOD and definitely a must watch.

 TS says Behold by Tejas is a production by Crossbow entrainment and KOD. It’s an entertaining mix of illusions and mind boggling. It’s definitely a break from routine and mundane style of magic and entertainment. This 75 minutes show will definitely keep you guessing: What next? And will surprise you with several elements.
WhereKingdom of dreams (KOD) Gurgaon
What elseShow timings:

Tuesday to Thursday the show can be enjoyed at 3pm and 3pm & 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tickets are priced at Rs 850 and Rs 1100.

Would I go again?The acts will change after few months time so might go again to see what’s new.
TS ratings4.5/5

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