Long Weekend : Things to do if you are not travelling

Long Weekend : Things to do if you are not travelling

You had already done a small vacation on the long weekend that just passed by, not planning to travel again then here are some ideas of what you could do in your own city:

  • Be a tourist:

    visit your own city 7
    Put your camera in your light bagpack, lace up some comfy shoes, and wear your sunglasses as you are about to embark on a tourist’s adventure. Create your own excursion plan or if you need some help then you could do something nice for charity. Take a mode of transportation you’re not used to and opt for the Salaam Baalak Trust City Walk, which is an English guided tour of almost 2 hours conducted by kids who used to live in the streets of Delhi before joining our Trust. If you are not in Delhi and need some help in preparing an walking tour itinerary, let us know and we will create one for you to follow.
  • Relive memories of your favourite eating joints:eating out
    Visit those places which you absolutely loved when you were in school or college, and if you don’t belong to that particular city then try out some famous eating joints around university campuses as these place usually have a great potential to take you back in time of your own college days. However, if you are still in your college days, then gang up with your few friends and explore the various famous eating joints that you have just heard and never been before.10519554_10152351476084563_1230612856986276296_o
    You can even assist the chef if the restaurant allows you and learn the recipe of the dish that’s the best seller of this place.
  • Watch a play/ music or a dance show:show
    At times its quite exciting to indulge in art forms such as dance, music, play or even art. Figure out which shows are available and then choose your favourite one to attend. It could even interesting to attend an acrobatics, a circus or even an illusion show.
  • Mind and body relaxation:spa Pamper yourself, indulge into a spa and relax yourself as your crazy schedule will be right there waiting for you as the weekend ends. During long weekends there are a lot of Spa that offer great deals and discounts should you wish to avail one. Otherwise, if you would prefer then splurging a little bit at times doesn’t really hurt.
  • Try out some sports:sunset-summer-motorcycle
    Check out the nearest sports club or may be a biking club near you, even if you are not a member then also there are options available to use facilities as a guest. You could play golf, soccer, lawn tennis or any other sport . If you choose to go on a motorbike riding then search for a biking group on Facebook and go riding, this could be your avenue to make new friends. If you are in Delhi-NCR region then you could also go to Rahagiri on Sunday.Trust me, it’s a different feeling to be a tourist in your hometown, treat the staycation like you would any other big trip: set a budget, plan ahead, and tell your friends you’re going away. Should you need any help with planning an itinerary, just let us know.

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