Myntra End of Reason Sale Offers : 22nd – 25th December 2017

Myntra End of Reason Sale Offers : 22nd – 25th December 2017

For a serious shopper there is nothing more gratifying than finding some real cool deals during the sale season.

If you haven’t heard of some of the best deals provided during the Myntra End of Reason Sale 2017 period, here is your chance to know everything about it:

1) Incredible Discounts for Lazy Men:

Do you find it difficult to leave your house to add some more stuff to your wardrobe? Do you go to shopping complexes with your girlfriend, but in the end return with bags full of stuff for her and absolutely nothing for yourself? Then Myntra can help you buy everything for yourself. Shopping is good, not only for women, but also for men. However, according to different studies, it is proven that most of the men dislike roaming in different shops to fulfill their needs for new clothes or accessories. This is why they prefer online shopping hubs like Myntra.

The good news is that you can now get up to 60% off on men’s clothing, footwear and different accessories. From Spykar to Marks and Spencer, from Pepe Jeans to United Colors of Benetton, all the brands give you products at discounted prices.

2) Awesome Discounts for Shopaholic Women:

Women don’t have to be convinced to shop; most of the women are always ready to shop for all the clothes and accessories they want to fill their wardrobe with! The good thing about e-stores is that women save time and money on traveling and the same can be used to go through the gallery of products.

Whether you want to drape yourself in an elegant Saree or want to enhance the look of your face with beautiful cosmetics, Myntra can help you buy all the products that you want to.

Myntra is offering a minimum of 70% discount on women’s clothing, footwear and classic fashion accessories. Global Desi, Clinique, Enticer are a few brands that are waiting for you to have a look at their products, fill the cart with them and own them for a better lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for?

3) Cute Discounts for Cute Kids:

Who says your child doesn’t deserve to be stylish? If you are stylish, if your partner is stylish, your child deserves branded clothes and accessories too. Gone are the days when fashion was meant for adults or grown-ups only, now is the time when most of the kids know how to look good. In fact, children choose what they would want to wear so that they can flaunt different brands and impress their friends. Yes – they do it so that they can look great, feel good about themselves and get into the right kind of circle of friends.

Mothercare, United Colors of Benetton and Kittens are some of the brands on discounts that can give your child a brand new look, along with a brand new appearance for their wardrobe. Go ahead – choose some of the most amazing brands for your child and create a collection.

4) Cashback Offer with PhonePe App:

There was a time when people had no idea about PhonePE app; now, more and more people not only know about it, but also use it. If you have not been using PhonePE, we have something to share with you – with the help of your PhonePE app, you can get an additional 20% cashback offer as a part of various Myntra End of Reason Sale offers!

This is the most perfect time for you to use this app so that you can get more during this sale period. Not a lot of people are aware of this name, if you know how to use it, don’t let this additional offer slip out of your hands.

If you know about PhonePE app already, go ahead and use it so that you can get what the others are not getting – a feeling of getting additional cashback offers from the end of Myntra.

5) Special Cashback Offer for Special Citibank Card Holders:

Got a credit or debit card of Citibank? Then there is something that you need to celebrate for – an additional 10% cashback on the amount you spend on Myntra during the End of Reason Sale !

When you check different products at Myntra, keep filling your virtual cart with everything that you want to buy and use. Go through various products in the gallery of the e-store so that you can choose the best items for yourself. Once you are done, use your citi bank credit or debit card to make the payment and you can get this additional offer for your needs.

In order to enjoy this additional discount, you need to make a minimum purchase of Rs.2500. The maximum cashback that you can enjoy is of Rs.1500. This means that along with the discounts during the sale period, you can get this discount and save MORE!

6) Mind Blowing Offer for Myntra Shopping Group:

Have you heard of Myntra Shopping Groups, yet? If you haven’t here is your chance to learn about them! We are sure you are waiting for the big sale of Myntra just like everybody else is waiting for the same, but if you create Myntra Shopping Group before the arrival of the sale period, you can get an additional 15% off, apart from all the discounts that the others are enjoying during the sale!

That’s not all – you are also eligible to get a VIP pass to shop during the sale before anybody else enters and purchases all those clothes or accessories that you wish to own. Don’t let people finish up everything that you want to own; before the stock ends, let your group know that you are buying different things and let the others be a part of your purchases too!

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