Zip & that's it: Overhyped Kikar Lodge

Zip & that's it: Overhyped Kikar Lodge

In a mood to spend an action packed long weekend, we decided to zip above treetops and sail through the hills. So, we drove past Delhi, Gurgaon, Karnal, Chandigarh and finally arrived at the Kikar Lodge in Ropar.

Why should you be here? To feel those butterfly moments that you had while sailing through the longest zip line in Asia.  At a modest altitude of 150 feet from the ground, this five tier zip line stretches across 1.5 kms. Trust me you are on a different high all together.

However, if you have foodies and people looking for a comfortable stay then you may want to rethink about coming here. Read on to know more.

noWhat’s about the stay? Before I talk about the stay let me tell you an important thing about coming here. It’s at a decent driving distance so it may feel near but trust me its not. Also, after you reach Ropar, getting to the Kikar Lodge is a challenge in itself. Its way inside, you will have to drive through narrowest possible streets and extreme dust.  Mobile phone connectivity and also signage are missing, so only god can help if your GPS signals are lost.

Though this forested estate is spread over 18000 acres and houses 30-odd cottages but the property is not well kept. Don’t go by the images on the website. When we checked in the rooms were unclean, the wash rooms are not nice and few of the staff members lack courtesy. Their holiday package is inclusive of set-menu meals but food is awful. If you are planning to go on a diet and are looking for some activities that can help you achieve a weight loss goal, then you may consider eating here. And yes, there are no good restaurants around to feed on. So basically you are stuck with bad food, dirty rooms and bad service.

What else can you do?  Besides the show stopper Zip Line, this place has other activities such as the paint ball, quad biking, rappelling, horse riding, night safari and archery. It’s definitely a break from regular shopping malls and the city hangouts. However, it’s more fun to go in a group or may be a corporate off site. They also have a spa which is definitely not impressive and other indoor activity options such as the pool table etc.

Places to visit nearby: The Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara, an ardas (prayer) begins at 8 am, witness the rural Punjab with its bullock-carts football-shaped overhead watertanks, beautiful women in colourful punjabi salwar – kameez, the mustard-fields, aroma of ghee, pickle and earth. In fact on the way you will find fresh fruit juice shops and people selling pure jaggery and sugar.

Where: The Kikar Lodge, Village – Kangar, Nurpur Bedi, District Ropar, Punjab, India.

Only tip here – Go for zip line but not recommended for staying, dining or even a spa.

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