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Craving highway food? 5 must eats at Dhaba by Claridges

Why should you be here: If you are a fan of Dhaba food and road trip is a plan of future, then you could satisfy your taste buds here. What should you have?  Here’s our top picks: Eat : Dal dhaaba , Balti ka meat – the Dhaba signature , Lassoni Palak , Galouti Kebab and Amritsari Chole; Drink : Aam Panna (non – ...

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6 start-ups travel start-ups to ease travel woes

If you are looking for traveling and gathering experiences as a ‘local’ versus a ‘vacationer’, we have these companies who can sort these out for you, ranked on popularity by categories and demand: Hand-picked Experiential: From boutique hotels to mud huts to tree houses, Wandertrails can be your problem solver. They claim to be an experience first company, and they provide unique ...

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5 things that can spoil your Pondicherry trip

Team Travel Samosa visited Pondicherry / Puducherry and based on first hand experience. Here are some tips to ensure you have a great vacation: Off – season is definitely not the time to go. The weather is so scorching hot that you will get roasted and wont be able to do much. Weather plays a critical role in your overall ...

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6 tips to prepare your body for Ramadan

Some of us think we will suddenly be ready when Ramadan starts, but planning will make the transition a lot easier and healthier. Here are some quick tips: Cut Back On The Caffeine Now is the time to start reducing your consumption of caffeine. Not consuming caffeine during Ramadan can make the first few days of fasting extremely difficult, due ...

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A Goan house older than the Taj Mahal just opened its doors for you

In the still-quiet village of Loutolim in south Goa, the Figueiredo House has pride of place. The house dates back to 1590, a mere 80 years after the Portuguese arrived in Goa. When its first occupants moved in, the world was a very different place: Shakespeare had just begun writing plays, Galileo was yet to argue that the Sun didn’t ...

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