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Head out to Walking Street by Soi 7

Why should be here? To catch up over drinks, five different varieties of freshly brewed beer, good cocktails are definitely a highlight.  On the drinks side – they are doing a better job than food. Their ambiance is on a darker side with wooden interiors better suited for later part of the evenings. What is recommended? Food – Walking Street’s ...

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Rakhi ready ? 5 ideas to relive childhood sibling moments!

If breaking rules has strengthened your #siblinglove, then its time to relive those #childhoodmemories . We’ve got some cool ideas of what should you be doing this year : Remember those younger days, those sibling fights, where you used to call each other names. Relive that moment. Begin your day with tying a quirky and fun Rakhi by Owl’s affair. ...

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Craving highway food? 5 must eats at Dhaba by Claridges

Why should you be here: If you are a fan of Dhaba food and road trip is a plan of future, then you could satisfy your taste buds here. What should you have?  Here’s our top picks: Eat : Dal dhaaba , Balti ka meat – the Dhaba signature , Lassoni Palak , Galouti Kebab and Amritsari Chole; Drink : Aam Panna (non – ...

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6 start-ups travel start-ups to ease travel woes

If you are looking for traveling and gathering experiences as a ‘local’ versus a ‘vacationer’, we have these companies who can sort these out for you, ranked on popularity by categories and demand: Hand-picked Experiential: From boutique hotels to mud huts to tree houses, Wandertrails can be your problem solver. They claim to be an experience first company, and they provide unique ...

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5 things that can spoil your Pondicherry trip

Team Travel Samosa visited Pondicherry / Puducherry and based on first hand experience. Here are some tips to ensure you have a great vacation: Off – season is definitely not the time to go. The weather is so scorching hot that you will get roasted and wont be able to do much. Weather plays a critical role in your overall ...

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