Petrie Island and the Saga of the Frames

Petrie Island and the Saga of the Frames

We accidentally ended up at Petrie Island today in Orleans…accidently because we had to chase across town for about the 4th time and about 10th time to pick up a frame.  Before we look at pictures, I’ll tell you about my frame saga.  Hanging four pictures on the wall in relatively inexpensive frames was far more difficult than I could have ever imagined:

Attempt # 1.  We go to the store to get frames.  We find some that will do, for a reasonable price and size.  The problem is they only have 3, and we need 4.  We buy them anyways, being told that they would have more stock or to try the other area stores.

Attempt #2. I get home, and call the 4 other stores in the area.  I get hung up on twice, and in the other two cases, I’m not even convinced that the sales lady even checked.  No luck.

Attempt #3.  Rob drops by the store after stock day….no luck

By the water on Petrie Island

Attempt #4. I get fed up with XX store, and decide I’m taking the three of them back.  I return the frames, and what do you know, they have a set of 4, in a different style (now on sale!!), they’ll do. I get home, claiming victory, and at last fill my barren walls with some lovely art.  I stand back and admire it, and decide that the 1st picture should be where the 3rd picture is.  I decide to move the frames around.  My shoulder clips the frame, the frame goes crashing down, shattering, and taking a chunk out of my wall, and the baseboard. I now have 3 pretty frames, a chunk in my baseboad, and screws hanging out of the wall.

Attempt #5. Rob goes to the store to see if they have more left.  They don’t.

Attempt #6. We continue to call stores to see if they have this frame in stock – no luck.

Attempt #7.  We decide to go to the store of attempt #1 to test our luck.  We wander around – the frames aren’t where they used to be. They are seasonal, so I know our time and stock is limited.  At last we find a few on a shelf hidden in the back corner.  They don’t have an exact match, but I find one that I think is eactly the same, minus a white matte, that can of course go.  We buy the frame. I get home. Rip the Plastic off. It looks about right. I get distracted painting trim, and when Rob asks what he can do I say, put the picture in the frame.  He takes one look at the frame, and says, its not the same.  The width isn’t the same.  We put it on the wall anyways, and I try to convince myself that no one would notice the difference.  I can’t convince myself.  I get Rob to start calling all the store again, because I will probably have a breakdown if I have  to deal with rude people, or get hung up on.  Rob calls one store. No luck. He calls another.  They have it in. Yes. And they will put it aside for us.  Wonderful.  We drive to the Ottawa suburb of Orleans.  I bring the frame that we’ve taken the plastic wrap off of, not thinking that they will take it back.

Attempt #8. They take the frame back, and they have the frame we want.  We now have four matching, unbroken frames on the wall (for now).  And since we were in another part of town, we decided to check out Petrie Island, a little nature sanctuary in Orleans near Ottawa. I’m glad we did.  Details to follow on Tuesday, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos.  We enjoyed taking them…and in fact, I might even be happy that I ran around town and broke a frame because if I hadn’t, I might not have visited Petrie Island, and had these cute pictures below.

–Nicole, Canada

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