Power packed : Parliament Hill Ottawa

Power packed : Parliament Hill Ottawa

What is it? This is Canada’s parliament and is located ‘on the hill’, a gorgeous Gothic-style structures overlooking the Ottawa River. One of the recommended tourist attractions in this side of the country.

Why should you be here? For the architectural beauty, that showcases the blend of two types of Gothic Revival – 20th century and mid – Victorian.  The entire tour of the Parliament is divided into different sections- the East, the Centre and the West.

Must see things: East block – offices of Senators; the centre block – Senate, the House of Commons, Library of Parliament and has many important offices such as the Prime Minister’s Office. The West Block comprises of Ministers’ offices and Members of Parliament. Also, the Peace Tower that is usually seen on a C$20 note; if you go to the top of Peace Tower you will see spectacular view of the city.

They also have a ‘Change of Guards ceremony and light and sound shows in the evening’, but it completely depends on the season. You can check the Ottawa Website – Click here to see what all you can enjoy at that point of time. http://www.parl.gc.ca/

Timings: It’s completely as per the season. Click here for the recent ones

What else: The entry and the tour is free, you can collect an entry pass from the east side of the main building. The tours are available in French and English. There are options to choose from block specific tours or all at once. We would recommend chose all at once, which included visit to the East or Centre Blocks, the grounds, or just the Peace Tower and that was it for the day. Tickets for Parliament and the tour are available on a first-come, first-served basis at 90 Wellington Street (across from Parliament Hill).

Virtual tour :  Click here

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