All season favourite – Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

All season favourite – Ottawa’s Rideau Canal

Why should you be here? To witness the manmade wonder which is only one of its kind UNESCO world heritage site in the province of Ontario. Ottawa without a Rideau Canal is like a body without soul.

What all can you do here? Rideau Canal has a variety of outdoor things that you can do in any season. For example in summers: stroll around in the morning and admire its scenic setting. From rolling green banks, the tall maple trees, the cleanliness and the beauty this place possess. You can also run, go fishing, see wildlife, have picnic in parks, go hiking, cycle, do canoeing, golfing, skating like the locals or go on a beautiful guided boat cruise.

In winters, it becomes a snowy wonderland. A section of the Rideau Canal passing through central Ottawa becomes officially the world’s largest skating rink. Click here to read an experience.

What else? Rideau Canal is also host to the renowned Winterlude festival in Ottawa. They usually have something or the other going on. So, its best to check online and enjoy as the people of this city do.

Where? City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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