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Restaurant report card: Food & drinks  8/10 Décor & ambience  6/10 Service 8/10 Ratings – on a scale of 1 to 10 (10- highest, 1 – lowest) Why should you be here: For the wide range of delicious vegetarian food (of course in addition to the non- veg selections) along with some customised and some non-altered classic cocktails. But before we begin let me tell you that this place operates on the principles of ‘Censored’ and ‘Anncensored’.  Censored means recipes or creations that have not been doctored at [...]


Euro 2016 : Screenings in Delhi – NCR

Are you a soccer lover? No matter if you were unable to make it to France, here’s a list of selected sports bar places in Delhi and Gurgaon that usually never leave sports enthusiasts disappointed. Atleast not for arguably the most watched, UEFA Euro 2016, after the FIFA World Cup. Underdoggs Source: Underdoggs Why should you be here? To watch your favourite teams play on several big HD and projection. What else: If some people in your gang are not soccer fans, then they [...]