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5 off beat things to do in Goa

If you have done your touristy things and are looking to do something different then here is a quick list of things that some activities to try out: Spice Plantation tours: Visit to spice plantations is one of the most popular things amongst tourists in Goa. There are a privately arranged spice tours that you can explore. This is a unique way through which localities introduce you to the spices and usually the tourists are treated to a vegetarian goan [...]


Is your ‘Lux List’ ready?

Luggage check. Tickets check. Passport check. Lux List ? Wondering what it is.. Mmm .. Read on to find out more but before proceeding I would like to thank Pratiti Rajpal and Sarah Tauro for introducing me to the concept. What is it? #MYLUXLIST is an interesting concept by Park Hyatt Resorts & Spa for those with exquisite taste. Park Hyatt folks to add that extra element of luxury should you decide to stay with them. How does this work? So, they [...]