Top 5 pre -independence awesome food places in Mehrauli to enjoy an Old Delhi taste.

Top 5 pre -independence awesome food places in Mehrauli to enjoy an Old Delhi taste.

Why should you be here?

BECAUSE , MOST OF THEM ARE OVER 100 years old …. ‘Parathe waali Galli’, ‘Kake da Dhaba’ etc. etc. etc. Been there done that! Wanna Go off-the-beaten track?  Get away from the done and overdone. That’s a reason enough to head to Mehrauli. If you looking for Delhi’s unexplored places that offer food of Old Delhi Charm, then Mehrauli is definitely the place to be.

Just so you know, Mehrauli is one of the seven ancient cities that make up the present state of Delhi. It used to be the capital city in the times of Qutub-ud-din Aibak.

Here’s a quick list of top 5 things and places to eat in Mehrauli:

Fatak ke Golgappe: An old man who sports a white cap and is popularly known as “Netaji”, has been selling truly awesome golgappas for more than 50 years. It is his family owned business and he started here quite young.  He puts a chaat counter every evening from 5:00 to 8:00 PM and is usually out of stock. He only makes Sooji Golgappas, chaat papdi and the bhalla paapdi are just mouth-watering.

Siya Halwai ki Mithai a.k.a Pandit Siyaram Sweets :  It’s a small shop which has been there even before India got freedom. He had Indira Gandhi, Britishers and so many others as his regular customers, and needless to say this is again a family owned  business.  Infact, the street in which its located is called “Doodh waali Gali”  meaning ” the milk street”, because in ancient times, this street had only milk and sweet shops. Siya Halwai being one of the oldest. You must try “Siya ka Kalakand”, “Siya ka Gajar Halwa” and “Siya ka doodh”. They also have one other shop at Mehrauli bus – stop but the one inside the Mehrauli main market is the authentic one. Though its a landmark in itself but just for your reference its very close to the farmer’s market – called the sabzi mandi.

Lala ki Aaloo Poori :  The concept of Lala ki Poori began when in the British Era when the people who used to serve the British Empire felt hungry after trading for the vegetables at the Sabzi Mandi. Usually, the concept of Lala ki Poori refers to a fat man with a round tummy (usually called lala in the local dialect) who used to sell potato curry with pooris. These are just sinfully delicious. Though there are several shops that sell “Poori – Aaloo” but one of the best is sold by a shop opposite Hanuman temple in the main market.

Oberoi ka Dhaba : Run by a Sikh Family, this is also a pretty old Dhaba located at the Kalu Raam Chowk , opposite Mehrauli Police Station in Mehrauli. This place doesn’t have a seating place, you can either have a “take – away” or you could buy the stuff at put it on motorcycle and eat, like the locals do. The favorite pick at the Oberoi dhaba include: Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken and the Tandoori stuff.

Verma Bakery: A very old bakery run that sells anything and everything from cakes to quiche to cookies. This place has old school memories of people who have been or have ever stayed in the vicinity. They have good cakes and bakery snacks. Must try their old school Vanilla pastry.

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