Tulip Treat in Ottawa

Tulip Treat in Ottawa

What a stunning sight! One million tulips in full bloom! Vibrant, colourful, gorgeous! A fairy tale in motion!

What’s really amazing is the story behind this festival. Did you know that these tulip bulbs are a gift from the Netherlands to Canada?  Every year the Dutch Queen sends thousands of tulip bulbs to Canada as a mark of love and gratitude to Canada.  The story rewinds back 75 years when the Dutch Princess Juliana had to seek shelter in Canada during the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.  What really amazes me most is the gesture Canada showed, when the Dutch Princess gave birth to her daughter, by flowing the Dutch flag on the Peace Tower.  This was the first time ever that a foreign flag was flown on the Canadian parliament building.  Now isn’t that cool!

Flowers have always been a symbol of peace, friendship and celebration. The tulip festival marks the return of spring after the freezy Canadian winters. Over a million tulips in 50 different varieties bloom across Canada’s capital city.  Over 600, 000 visitors come to witness the tulips in their glory.  Visitors are also treated to live performances and multicultural cuisines during the day and magical fireworks in the evenings.  I must admit – It is a rare sight to watch.  An experience I will always cherish.

Block your calendars for Mid-May and plan a great time in Ottawa.  Visit:  www.tulipfestival.ca

Bernard Francis – Delhi


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